Preparing the Zinnia Flower Fields

Michelle Sirles stands in empty field preparing for Zinnia flowers at Rendleman Orchards.
Soon to be a field of beautiful multi-colored zinnias! I stepped away from my desk to go out and check the summer flower fields! 🌸🌼🌺
As you can see the zinnia seeds have germinated nicely! Over the winter we plant a cover crop to feed the soil nutrients and prevent erosion.
Just prior to planting we kill the cover crop so it doesn’t compete with the flowers we want to grow. What looks like straw is actually the killed off cover crop. We sow the flower seeds using this no-till method to prevent the flower seeds from washing away during hard rains.
I’ve included one photo showing a tiny amount of erosion at the lowest corner edge of the field where the cover crop ended. You can see that small spot has no zinnia sprouts. Our no-till cover crop planting method worked throughout the rest of the field!
Collage of three images showing various perspectives of empty field preparing for Zinnia flowers at Rendleman Orchards.
You may expect our zinnia field to begin blooming about the second week of July and continue blooming through the summer! I have noticed peak zinnia field bloom is typically the last two weeks of July with plenty of blooms in August too! 
Expect a summer of peaches and flower fields!!!

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