U-Pick Sunflower Field Information

Sunflower Fields at Rendleman Orchards in Southern Illinois. Midwest Family-Owned Orchard

Answers to most common questions:

  • Yes, our sunflower fields are open to the public for a U-pick experience.*
    • Admission is $3 per person on weekends, 12 & under FREE
      • Full details on admission linked here.
  • Our Yellow Sunflower field typically blooms late September.
  • Our NEW Autumn Mix Sunflower field typically blooms early October.
    • Additional info will be on our Facebook and Instagram pages
    • Please follow us Rendleman Orchards and @rendlemanorchards
  • BOTH of our sunflower fields are 1 full acre of beautiful blooms!
    • U-Pick sunflower pricing.  $1.50/stem, or 8 stems/$10.00, or 15 stems/$15.00
    • Guests encouraged to bring their own picking baskets and scissors
  • The sunflower fields will be open the same hours as our Farm Market*
    • Monday-Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm, Sundays 12:00pm-5:00pm
    • Our fields do close promptly at 5:00pm!  Last permitted in the field at 4:45pm
      • Sorry, no exceptions ☹. 
        • We are a family owned, working farm and we are early to rise!
        • Liability issues also do not permit us to allow guests to remain on the property after business closing time unattended.
  • You may take snapshot photographs in the sunflower fields any time during regular business hours*
    • We are not scheduling any private appointments at this particular time

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS are welcome to photograph clients in the SUNFLOWER fields during regular business hours only*

      • Professional photographer fees do apply. Click here for photographer policy, price & details.

PHOTOGRAPHERS:  Please tag us in your photographs and use hashtag #rendlemanorchards!

We love to see your talented work and often share!

    • Sorry. We do NOT allow any photographers in the orchards at all.
      • We are a commercial farm and our Global Food Safety Certification does not allow the general public in our orchards near food.

Yes, we do have public restrooms!

Remember: We are OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sun 12-5

Did we mention…

Don’t forget to stop in the Farm Market for some fresh-picked, tree-ripened apples to take home!!!