Yellow Sunflower Field

Sunflower Fields at Rendleman Orchards in Southern Illinois. Midwest Family-Owned Orchard

A favorite among all ages is the Yellow Sunflower Field at Rendleman Orchards! The bright yellow and gold colors of Sunflowers are pure sunshine and happiness. We have a small patch of dwarf Teddy Bear Sunflowers which are the perfect height for photos of the littles. Their puffball type bloom and sunshine in a vase when cut to take home! Our large 1 full acre of the traditional Yellow Sunflowers you know and love is a stroll to savor and a photography dream!

BLOOM TIME: We typically start to see first sunflower blooms around mid-September. However the weather is a huge determining factor of when we will see these beauties pop! We will officially open the sunflower field when we see the first sunflower bloom is only about 18 days in all.  We announce this on Rendleman Orchards Facebook page and Instagram page. Be sure to follow us for bloom stage updates regularly! You may also sign up for our email list here!

Please visit FLOWER FIELD POLICY prior to your visit for all details on how our sunflower field U-pick experience works.

  • Yes, our sunflower fields are open to the public for a U-pick experience.*
    • Admission is $5 per person on weekends, 12 & under FREE
      • Full details on admission linked here.
    • U-Pick sunflower pricing.  $1.50/stem, or 8 stems/$10.00, or 15 stems/$15.00
    • Guests are encouraged to bring their own picking baskets and scissors. However, we will have some scissors available to borrow and return. 
    • We also have a bouquet bar with complimentary bags that hold water to keep your blooms fresh!
  • The sunflower field will be open the same hours as our Farm Market*
    • Monday-Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm, Sundays 12:00pm-5:00pm
    • Our fields do close promptly at 5:00pm!  Last permitted in the field at 4:45pm
      • Sorry, no exceptions 
        • We are a family owned, working farm and we are early to rise!
        • Liability issues also do not permit us to allow guests to remain on the property after business closing time unattended.
  • You may take snapshot photographs in the sunflower fields any time during regular business hours*
    • We are not scheduling any private appointments at this particular time

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS are welcome to photograph clients in the SUNFLOWER fields during regular business hours only*

      • Professional photographer fees do apply. Click here for photographer policy, price & details.

PHOTOGRAPHERS:  Please tag us in your photographs and use hashtag #rendlemanorchards!

We love to see your talented work and often share!

    • Sorry. We do NOT allow any photographers in the orchards at all.
      • We are a commercial farm and our Food Safety standards do not allow the general public in our orchards near food.

Yes, we do have public restrooms!

Remember: We are OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sun 12-5

Did we mention…

Don’t forget to stop in the Farm Market for some fresh-picked, tree-ripened apples to take home!!!