Cosmo Field Experience

Rendleman Orchards Cosmo Flower Fields

Our dreamiest flower field at Rendleman Orchards! These light, delicate, wispy flowers are divine in various hues of pinks, fuchsia and white. The photo ops are magical among the cosmos. These flowers grow really tall as the season progresses and you can almost get lost in the beauty.

BLOOM TIME: We typically start to see first cosmo blooms around the 2nd week of July. The cosmo field gradually opens as guests typically discover it after wandering out of the zinnias. The stark contrast from bold zinnias to pink and white cosmo color scheme is fun to revel in nature! We will announce cosmo bloom on Rendleman Orchards Facebook page and Instagram page. Be sure to follow us for cosmo bloom stage updates regularly! You may also sign up for our email list here!

Our cosmo field usually is a peak bloom the last couple weeks of July. There are still many beautiful blooms early August. However, last year the cosmo field seemed to fade a bit mid-August but then had a remarkable full re-bloom that was unexpected AND spectacular in September/early October!

Please visit FLOWER FIELD POLICY prior to your visit for all details on how our cosmo field U-pick experience works.