Meet Your Farmers

Meet Wayne and Michelle Sirles of Rendleman Orchards in Southern Illinois. Family-owned midwest orchard.

Meet Wayne

Wayne is the 5th generation of the Rendleman family to lead and co-own Rendleman Orchards.  His early mornings, late nights, along with hard working days keep this “big machine” running!

Wayne was born and raised on his centennial family farm in Alto Pass, Illinois.  He graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Horticulture, a minor in Ag Business and a minor in Chemistry from the College of Agriculture. A farmer through and through, Wayne is a lifelong passionate student, industry leader, and trusted peer among other specialty crop growers.

Wayne is known to work hard and play hard!  His other loves include being at home on the farm with his wife & daughters, slow winter mornings drinking coffee, watching college basketball, going to the lake, riding side by sides, grilling a big steak and drinking a cold beer!  The moment you meet Wayne you immediately see he is a people person first!


Meet Michelle

Michelle is co-operator/owner of Rendleman Orchards, the family farm she married into over 30 years ago.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and being part of a large catholic family, prepared her for family life at the farm.  Her degree in graphic design from Southern Illinois University led her to a long career in Marketing.  Her true passion of creating unique experiences is evident among the growing Farm Market and Fields at Rendleman Orchards.  She is inspired with each new season and fueled by fellow creatives she surrounds herself with.

Michelle is known as a person with vision and a connector of like-minded people.  Her favorite things include being at home with Wayne & the girls, slow coffee mornings, unscheduled time to restore and dream, side by side rides, gathering inspiration from other unique entrepreneurs.


We believe locally grown food, sharing our farming practices and providing beautiful spaces to connect people with family farms will bind people to the American farm families and their contributions to feeding our country. We have come to learn good food creates community, extended family and togetherness.

Wayne and Michelle Sirles owner of Rendleman Orchards. Southern Illinois Midwest Family-Owned Orchards.