Strawflower Experience

Rendleman Orchards Strawflower Fields

Our small strawflower patch at Rendleman Orchards is quite unique! These smaller starburst shaped flowers are multi-color pale hues. They range from pastels; light yellow, pinks and vintage white to bolder autumn colors of gold and burnt orange! The bonus of the strawflowers is that they can be enjoyed both fresh AND easily dried allowing a very long vase life as well as fall and winter decor.

BLOOM TIME: We should see strawflowers begin to bloom around the mid July. The strawflower patch is uniquely situated and roughly a ¼ acre giving you that secret cottage garden feel as they are hidden below the pink cosmo field with tall blooms.  So keep walking to enjoy this delight! We will announce strawflower bloom on Rendleman Orchards Facebook page and Instagram page. Be sure to follow us for strawflower bloom stage updates AND how to dry these lovelies! You may also sign up for our email list here!

Our strawflowers bloomed nicely last year into the fall! Such a fun versatile flower for our visitors to discover.

Please visit FLOWER FIELD POLICY prior to your visit for all details on how our strawflower patch U-pick experience works.